Student Handbook

Via this LINK you can read everything where IHTP stands for, what you can expect from IHTP and what is expected from you during your study.


Since 2019 it is no longer possible to follow the At home study program online. There are a number of permanent locations worldwide where you can participate in the lessons. After the lesson weeks you work at home on the study, under the guidance of a mentor.

The total study lasts 2.5 years. The tuition fees of Module 1 and 2 are for this period.
It contains all teaching materials except the DVDs and the books. There are also 15 mentoring hours. If you need more mentor hours, you can discuss with your mentor the rate at which you will be guided during the study.

Renew study.
If you need more than 2.5 years time, it is possible to extend with periods of 6 months. For this purpose a contribution of € 50 is requested for every 6 months.