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The HEALING HARP foundation is going to TRAVEL!

In January 2023 our collaegue Lies Joosten will go to Honduras and Guatemala to share knowledge for more music in healthcare. Lies is a therapeutic harpist and mentor/teacher of IHTP Europe and co-founder of the Healing Harp Foundation. Lies will investigate the possibilities for promoting and increasing therapeutic music in healthcare in Honduras and Guatemala by giving workshops to musicians and healthcare professionals about the therapeutic qualities of music. In Honduras, where she lived for years, there is already contact with cultural managers who help with the planning and organization of the workshops and meetings; she will teach at the music academy there and exchange knowledge with musicians by providing interactions in hospitals by example. In Guatemala, Lies contacted a group of harpists “Arpas and Armonia”. She will give a two-day introductory workshop on therapeutic harp playing and give concerts together in nursing homes. She will also accompany a yoga class with harp in both countries, for inspiration. The "Helende Harp op Reis" project is an initiative of Lies Joosten on a voluntary basis. The Healing Harp Foundation supports the project with the donation of a Fullsicle harp. Do you want to contribute to the travel and accommodation costs? Donations welcome through the HEALING HARP foundation via this payment link: https://paymentrequest.rabobank.nl/payment request/... ☺thank you ☺ www.helendeharp.nl 



Iona 2

In 2022 and 2023 the IHTP community will gather on the island Iona, Schotland.


IHTP conference Group 1 - October 13-20, 2022
IHTP conference Group 2 - June 24-1 July, 2023

More information at this link.
These are very special possibilities to nurture your harp and other scills and meet harp friends from all over the world! We love to meet you!


TEAM affiliates ihtp


Transition IHTP of Christina Tourin to 5 Affiliate IHTP schools

Christina Tourin started IHTP in 1990, after an amazing vision and mission at Glastonbury Tor: “A therapeutic harpplayer for every hospital and hospice in 2020”.

Eversince Christina has worked very hard tob ring her mission into action; first in the US, later all over the world by travelling and teaching people in many countries. She has done an amazing job by inspiring many harpists around the world, who studied IHTP and started working in hospitals, hospices and other healthcare situations.

In the Iona conference 6 teachers were guided by Judith Hit tinto the Resonant Kinesiology part of the study; the core part of IHTP. These 6 teachers will carry on the work of Christina for future generations, together with their teams in 5 countries:
- Karen Soronow will take over the IHTP central US office and will also be one of the RK teachers together with Martha Waldvogel;
- Jocelyn Obermeyer and Rachel Christensen will be teachers of the US team;
- Vimukti Warr (RK) and Louise Bell will take care for the Australian IHTP;
- Carmen Lee will be the RK teacher and Affiliate leader of Hongkong;
- Marianne Gubri will be the RK teacher and Affiliate leader of France and Italy;
- Margaret Forrest, Lies Joosten and Liesbeth Schroen (RK) will be the team for Affiliate IHTP Europe.

Of course Christina will keep on teaching and keep on inspiring many harpists, as she did her whole carriere. Now she can take a step back in the organisation part and hand this over tot he 5 Affiliate leaders.

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